"At this time last year I was beginning the process of selling the house up in Everett and it was sold in two days. By March the deal was closed and just prior to that I began looking for a condominium. Walter Northfield, my real estate broker, sent me hundreds of pictures during that time. Some I kind of liked, some I didn’t, others were too expensive or not in an area I liked. I saw one near Lake Washington that I really liked but it was a Fannie Mae repo and the paperwork was horrendous. At one point, for whatever reason, it went off the market. Then, two days before I was leaving for France in mid-February, it became available again so I decided to go for it and completed mounds of paperwork just before leaving for the airport. When I got back from my trip, Walter informed me that I had missed getting it by 45 minutes and that left me depressed about the entire process. I really wanted to live by Lake Washington at that location. About three weeks went by and Walter sent me a photo of a condo building right next door to the previous one but down the hill closer to the lake. It was only mildly interested but the next morning I decided to call Walter and ask if I could possibly meet him and tour it. I was stunned! It was gorgeous and just what I was looking for. Walter met with the owners broker and even though 38 people were interested and had toured the place, the owner wanted me to have it. That is a story in itself but I got the lower price I requested and the only contingency was that we close in one month. We did just that and by mid-April I took possession of the keys. It is located in Lake Forest Park which is just east of Shoreline and about a mile and a half from my old apartment but in a totally different neighborhood. The building goes down the hill to Lake Washington like a series of steps and no condo has more than one floor above it. I only have one other couple across the hall from me in my view of the lake is fabulous."
- Paula Rippe

"We have used Northfield Properties for going on 9 years started with 2 properties added a third recently. Vacancies are short lived, no more than 2 weeks. Properties are turned back clean, rents are paid on time."
- S & J Hoskinson

"I would describe Northfield Properties as Efficient, Knowledgeable & organized. Tenants have stayed just over 2.5 years on average. House is cleaner and nicer than most in the neighborhood"
- Pat C

"Going on 8 years never had a problem with the Arlington rambler. They seem to manage HOA’s with finesse. They make it look so easy."
- Mark & Connie B

"It’s actually kind of a shock yet, after two y ears on the market in 2007 and 2008, with no bites, I am actually rather taken aback that you were able to close the deal here so quickly. I am so pleased that we were able to accomplish this. It allows me to gain a better stability and a little bit more solid foundation on my retirement income. It also allows me to now look at selling the home I’m in and buying or building my dream retirement home. I’m not certain where I will end up, but I’m looking seriously at Northern Arizona. It has much more moderate weather than Yuma, which is just a few degrees cooler than the central core of Hell. Actually, for several days this summer, I don’t think there was much difference.

This has been a long 12 years owning that home. I loved the property, and was only able to live there for about two years. I was so fortunate to have you as the property manager, and that you were able to find a reasonable pair of tenants who weren’t of too much trouble. Mainly, to have you working there gave me the peace of mind to live several thousand miles away, and not worry about my property in Washington state. And, of course, to find that you were able to take on the role of selling the house, as well, was an absolute blessing for me.

I can’t thank you enough for the years of service and peace of mind that you gave me for a very reasonable fee. Several times, I know you went well beyond what could be expected of a property manager. I sincerely and humbly thank you for those times and, I’m sure, some that I didn’t even know about.

I will never forget your dedication and commitment, and will always consider you my Friend, the highest compliment that I can ever pay anyone.""

- Gordon L Wiborg Jr
Chief of Police (Ret)