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5 Ways to Beautify Your Rental Before Listing

System - Monday, August 28, 2017

Have a rental unit or home that you'd like to get listed soon? You probably trying to get the very most out of your cash flow property so that does take a little bit of investment on your part. Getting a home ready for listing is a little bit of time and maybe even money depending on the previous renter for how much work needs to be done.

Here are five ways to beautify your rental property before listing it.

#1. Professionally clean the carpets.

Having carpets professionally cleaned, steamed and shampooed will make the entire house smell better, work better, and start from the ground up when it comes to cleaning.

Feel free to hire our website Associates All Kleen Carpets in Snohomish County for some of the best carpet cleaners in the Puget Sound.


Like hire out a cleaner. A really good cleaner that will do a dynamite job of getting every nook can cranny and every blind, door track and cob web. Renters don't want to think about cleaning when they move in. Have this done for them. This could take about 6-8 hours and cost about $200 but totally worth it.

#3. Make sure there is enough light.

You want to replace any broken light bulbs, putting energy-efficient bulbs, especially if you are paying for the electricity, and don't forget the outside lights. Give them a good wipe down so the light shines through, open windows, and make sure the area is light and bright. Renters may also be concerned about outdoor security so make sure there's enough lighting on the outside of the house and if necessary, call the city to replace any light bulbs and overhead streetlights that may have gone out.

#4. Paint, repair, and fix.

Take a close look at every single room; is there something that needs to be fixed? Do the door tracks and window panes move freely? Do ceiling fans work? Do all the switches and plug-ins have covers? Are there any holes in the wall? There's any room need to be painted? Do all of the closet doors work correctly? Do all the appliances work? Are there any leaks from faucets? All the handles and knobs to all the hardware, cupboards, drawers and pantries intact? These might be minor things but renters can assume that if you don't fix the little things, you might not be a very good landlord to fix larger issues should they arise.

#5. Spray for bugs.

It's a good idea to have the property sprayed on a regular schedule, rather than to wait for a pest problem. Hire a professional pest control company to give your property the full treatment of all common thugs and pests for the area. If you need a reference for pest control and the Snohomish County area please call me.

For more information on beautifying your rental or if you're looking for an expert property management care please contact our office today.